Keyless Entry Systems

keyless access systemsInstalling a Keyless Entry System in your home business or industrial complex can greatly decrease your access control problems. Instead of issuing a key for every person that needs to get on and off a property you can assign an individual fob or key code, thus allowing for easier/more streamlined access control. With the peace of mind form knowing your keys will not be lost or stolen you can forget the headache that comes from issuing countless keys to numerous people. Here at Bell’s Garage Door Services of Sacramento our expertise is in installing and maintaining these dependable and efficient options for access control. This includes but is not limited to keypads, key fobs, intercoms, and much-much more! When we combine these products with our reliable gates – traffic in and out of your property will have never been more simple and efficient.

As an example, adding a keyless entry system to an iron gate has a number of potential benefits. Issuing a key can be a real headache; not only do you have to make and hand out the key, but also, there is the potential that key could be lost or stolen, this is a hassle no property-owner/manager wants to deal with. Instead, install keyless entry – Thus eliminating the hassle of key issuing, key collection, key loss, and key theft. Keyless entry allows the ability to assign key codes to individuals. When necessary, you can deactivate the code, leaving your home, business, or industrial complex safe and secure. As an additional option keypads also allow for “one-time use” codes that work only once and then are no longer active – a feature your old-fashioned “lock-and-key” system just can’t match.

Electric Locks, while similar, do not offer quite the same service as a keyless entry system. In most cases an electric lock means issuing key fobs or key cards to essential peoples within your workplace or community. Keyless entry is FAR more flexible and forgiving. Community managers for example, could simply deactivate a renters key fob or card as soon as their lease expired.

Our Keyless Entry Systems…

  • Come in a variety of models.
  • Are perfect for both single-family homes and large communities.
  • Are installed to ASTM Standards.